VEVO — Golden…Like My Nipples – The Comment Show: Episode 8

Golden…Like My Nipples – The Comment Show: Episode 8

Who won this week’s X-Ray challenge? Find out what happens when David sends an undercover agent into 2 Chainz’s latest music video. Comment Kingpin David joins the NSA, and then Anonymous, travels through deserts and snowy wastes to meet his spiritual guide and attempts to help Whoopi Goldberg name her penis. It’s all going off a cliff on The Comment Show…

Welcome To The Comment Show on VEVO! YouTube’s comments section has long been considered the black hole of humanity. The Comment Show will explore that hole to bring you the rudest, craziest, funniest and weirdest comments posted underneath the most current music videos. If you are a troll, a defender, a music fan, have strong opinions on today’s top musicians or just like to come on YouTube to talk smack and get in comment fights, you are no longer safe. Hosted by David So.

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