VEVO — Rihanna Lyrics Pick Up Girls? #VEVOLyricLines (Ep. 5)

Rihanna Lyrics Pick Up Girls? #VEVOLyricLines (Ep. 5)

Although I have a high-pitched voice, I have no clue how to speak the female language. But you know who’s fluent in girl-talk? Rihanna! So in this episode, I’m using lyrics from «Where Have You Been,» «Diamonds» and «Umbrella» to talk to girls. Awkwardness ensues…

Romantically-challenged filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge can’t get a girlfriend. But he’s got an idea. He’s going to use lyrics from today’s top artists as pick up lines, and document his musical pursuit of love for VEVO! Watch #VEVOLyricLines for his hilariously awkward attempts at wooing women!

Whose lyrics should Tommy use next? Tweet @VEVO using #VEVOLyricLines


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